Luristan Bronze Statuette

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A cast bronze Luristan figurine, potentially a votive statuette. A stylised small male figure is portrayed with arms outstretched carrying a long bowl or tray-like object. A cylindrical bronze bar has been added to form the shape of a nose and eyes along with anther bar for the arms. Green patination now covers the object.

Date: Circa 1500 - 650 BC
Condition: Fine condition.


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Votive offerings were often designed as representations of the gods to which they were dedicated, or occasionally as worshippers of the deity. These figures could be placed at a temple, religious site, or household shrine in order to invoke protection or favour from the god. The hand gestures of this figurine likely hold some religious significance, although exact details of the ritual practices of the peoples who inhabited the Luristan region remain unknown.

Luristan objects are for the majority bronze cast items decorated with bronze sculptures and there have been many discovered in the Lorestān Province. This includes many weapons, tools and finials along with small amulets and fittings. The decorative technique is predominately openwork with Scythian art influences. However, the identity of those who created these fine pieces are still unknown to this day. Animals were often featured as decorations, they ranged from mammals such as ibexes and large bird to zoomorphic creatures including griffins. A prime and popular example is the Master of Animals which usually depicts a man or women holding animals or just the animals themselves facing each other on finials or standards. This imagery can be seen across the Mesopotamian civilisations. Everyday objects were also desired which included pins and bracelets. Most of the Luristan bronze items have been recovered in funerary contexts, suggesting they had a ceremonial function.

 To find out more about metalwork in Luristan please see our relevant blog post: The Luristan Empire: Beauty of Bronze.

Weight 10 g
Dimensions W 2.5 x H 3.5 cm



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