Luristan Bronze Two-Wheeled Cart Statuette

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A fine two-wheeled Luristan bronze cart statuette, featuring a single shaft. The shaft is an extension of the framework of the body resembling a few crossed wooden stakes. A rider is featured at the top of each large wheel with hands extended, boxing in the products which would have been hauled. The statuette resembles a cart which would have been used for the transportation of freight, agricultural produce, refuse and people. It would have been drawn by a single animal including; oxen, mules and horses.

Date: Circa 1800 - 600 BC
Condition: Fine condition, earthly encrustations to surface. Wear over time, slight break between the main bar connected to the wheel.

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Luristan objects are for the majority bronze cast items decorated with bronze sculptures and there have been many discovered in the Lorestān Province. This includes many weapons, tools and finials along with small amulets and fittings. The decorative technique is predominately openwork with Scythian art influences. However, the identity of those who created these fine pieces are still unknown to this day. Animals were often featured as decorations, they ranged from mammals such as ibexes and large bird to zoomorphic creatures including griffins. A prime and popular example is the Master of Animals which usually depicts a man or women holding animals or just the animals themselves facing each other on finials or standards. This imagery can be seen across the Mesopotamian civilisations. Everyday objects were also desired which included pins and bracelets. Most of the Luristan bronze items have been recovered in funerary contexts, suggesting they had a ceremonial function.

 To find out more about metalwork in Luristan please see our relevant blog post: The Luristan Empire: Beauty of Bronze.


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Dimensions L 6.2 x W 3.2 x H 3.9 cm



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