Greek Terracotta Figurines of Mother and Child


Two similar moulded statuettes of mothers with children in pale pink terracotta.

Both are 11.2 cms tall.

Date: Circa 4th century BC
Condition: Complete and intact with traces of the original pink and white slip; features quite worn.
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Each charming figure depicts a standing woman, clad in a himation and holding a child in the crook of her left arm. The details are quite worn, but the details of the robes and the child are still visible. The reverse of each figure is plain and unmodelled, though figure A has a relief hole on the reverse.

To find out more about votive offerings in Classical Times please see our relevant blog post: Ancient Greek Votive Offerings in Antiquity: Gifts to the Gods.

Weight 105 g
Dimensions cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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