Medieval Thai Celadon Offerings

Thai Celadon offerings. Hand-crafted, part celadon-glazed mother and child figurines. They are seated in the traditional posture: both legs are bent, with the right foot pointing backwards and the left foot touching right thigh. The hair is in the traditional top knot.

A. Height 10.6 cms.

B. Height 10 cms.

Date: Circa 1450 - 1599 AD
Provenance: James and Elaine Connell collection, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
Condition: Very fine condition.
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Celadon is a term for ceramics, which indicates both greenware and a type of transparent glaze that was first used on greenware (though later used on other porcelains).

These figures would have been propitiatory offerings, placed at spirit houses, shrines, and temples.

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