Celtic Bronze Zoomorphic Statuette


A Celtic zoomorphic statuette cast from bronze featuring a curved body which bends underneath itself ending with a ridged tail. The face displays two large, bulbous eyes and an upturned nose/beak. The statuette is mounted on a custom-made stand.

Date: Circa 1st century BC – 1st century AD
Provenance: ‘The Ancient Menagerie Collection’ formerly the property of a Cambridgeshire lady, collected since the 1990s and acquired from auctions and dealers throughout Europe and the USA, now ex London collection.
Condition: Fine condition, minor chips to the top of the body. Patination is visible across the whole piece along with some surface scratches consistent with age. Measurements of the piece itself; 3.3cm height, 5cm width


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Celtic mythology frequently included gods, goddesses and creatures which often linked to religion. Even though the Celtic world covered most of western and central Europe, there was no unified source of a specific belief. Therefore, there were many variants of different events, myths and practices. There is written evidence of inscriptions for over 300 deities of which a few were widely worshiped. Numerous myths were used as symbolism for life, death and rebirth and many incorporated animals. Thus, zoomorphic creatures were quite common and played important roles in several different myths.

Weight 29 g
Dimensions W 5 x H 5.5 cm




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