Western Asiatic Bone Demon Plaque


A Western Asiatic bone plaque modelled in the shape of a male demon head. It displays distinct facial features including a beard and horns; one of which is slightly chipped. The plaque has recessed eyes for inlay, a furrowed brow, flared nostrils, and a wide sealed mouth.

Date: Circa 1st Millennium BC
Provenance: Property of a London gentleman; acquired from a major Mayfair gallery; acquired on the London art market before 2000.
Condition: Good condition. Chipped horns, and cracks along the plaque

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The demon is an evil, supernatural being featured in religion, occultism, mythology, and folklore. In ancient Near Eastern religions and civilisations, demons were believed to be harmful spiritual entities, which may cause illness, and demonic possessions. Such harmful inflictions on unfortunate individuals’ souls often required exorcism.

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Dimensions H 3 cm