Roman Bronze Figurine of a Goat

£ 375.00

An Ancient Roman bronze figurine of a goat, finely detailed showing the features of the eyes, ears, horns and limbs. The goat stands on a small, flat base, which allows the figurine to stand upright. The bronze features some light patination, which enhances the visibility of the details.

Date: Circa 1st-3rd century AD
Condition: Excellent condition. Some light green patination. Mounted on a custom made stand.


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Goats were a prevalent form of livestock in the Roman world, and they could also be sacrificed at specific festivals, such as the Lupercalia. This was held in February and was intended to ward off evil spirits and bring health and fertility to the city. It is possible that this bronze figurine could have been an equivalent religious offering of some kind.

Bronze was a popular medium for artwork and ornaments in the classical world, as it could be easily sculpted into intricate details due to its ductile nature and low melting point. It was used for a vast range of different items, from life sized human sculptures to small votive offerings, amulets, and figurines such as this one.

Weight 22.5 g
Dimensions H 4.5 cm



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