Rare Archaic Greek Bronze Statuette


An archaic Greek statuette of encrusted bronze, depicting a male figure standing with genitals prominently displayed. He holds a jar (possibly an offering) in his left hand, and a round object, presumably a phiale (patera), in his right. His features are somewhat obscured with accretions, but he is bearded, with prominent ears, and there are discernible details on the chest. The statuette is supplied with a purpose-made stand.

Date: 8th - 6th Century BC
Condition: Fine condition; with stable accretions.


The man appears to hold a phiale (a dish used for pouring libations to the gods) and a jar. Perhaps this jar was intended as an offering, establishing this figure even more firmly in a religious or sacrificial context.


Weight 101 g
Dimensions H 5.4 cm



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