Rare Near Eastern-Western Asiatic Silver Statuette


An extremely fine and rare Near Eastern-Western Asiatic silver statuette of a human figure, portrayed standing, wearing a long robe and an elaborate headpiece. The reverse appears flat and unworked, with a suspension loop to the top, suggesting that the statuette might have been worn as part of a necklace or bracelet with amuletic or decorative purposes.

Date: Circa 2nd millennium-6th century BC
Condition: Fine, the figure’s right hand is missing. Rare piece.


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Many grand civilizations inhabited the area of Western Asia in Antiquity, and their wealth and prosperity is witnessed by the very sophisticated crafting of precious metals, such as silver and gold. Statuettes of human figures, modelled in bronze or silver, have been recovered across all the ancient Near East. Although is almost impossible to discern the identity behind such statuettes, their presence in burials’ and temples’ excavations might suggest that figurines of this type would have been placed as votive offerings.

Weight 27.3 g
Dimensions W 4.3 x H 7.8 cm



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