Roman Bronze Deer Statuette

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A Roman deer statuette cast from bronze featuring the animal standing tall with its head held upwards. The delicate deer has been rendered naturalistically including elegant legs, small ears and tail and short antlers. The front legs are slightly bent with one in front of the other, presenting the deer in a walking motion. The statuette has been mounted on a custom-made stand.

Date: Circa 1st-3rd century AD
Provenance: The Ancient Menagerie Collection’ formerly the property of a Cambridgeshire lady, collected since the 1990s and acquired from auctions and dealers throughout Europe and the USA, now ex London collection.
Condition: Fine condition, left front foot is chipped. Measurements without the stand; 4.1cm height, 3.0cm width


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The deer was closely associated with the goddess Diana, the Greek counterpart Artemis. She was goddess of the hunt and was often depicted with deer. Any animal associated with Diana was considered sacred, the deer possessed qualities of freedom and power. The elegant animal is also mentioned in mythology for example, during the labours of Hercules. His third labour was to shoot an arrow and bring back Artemis’s deer, the one with the golden horns. This task took a whole year and proved to be rather difficult. Once he had finally captured the deer, he ran into Dianna. She was filled with anger, however, Hercules explained the situation and was able to find a compromise. Diana healed her sacred deer for Hercules to borrow, as evidence he passed the labour, and then return the deer back to her.

Weight 47.0 g
Dimensions L 4.2 x W 2.3 x H 5.4 cm



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