Roman Bronze Dolphin Figurine


An Ancient Roman figurine of a dolphin, finely modelled in bronze. Details such as the eyes and mouth are clearly visible, and the bronze features fine, pale green patination.

Date: Circa 1st- 3rd century AD
Condition: Very fine condition. The figurine is attached to a custom made base. There is a slight chip to the underside of the figurine where it is attached to the base.


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Dolphins were a popular motif in Roman art, depicted in bronze, as well as mosaics and frescoes. They also appear frequently in mythology, often helping Classical heroes such as Theseus, as well as being associated with gods such as Bacchus, Apollo, Venus, and Cupid, who is often shown riding on a dolphin.

For more information about the meanings of animals in Roman art, see our relevant blog post: Animal Symbolism in Roman Art.

Weight 40.6 g
Dimensions L 6.6 cm



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