Egyptian Terracotta Shabti Overseer

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An unusual ad rare example of an Egyptian red slip terracotta statuette of a Shabti Overseer. The figure displays the typical and distinctive attributes of Egyptian Shabtis overseer, such as the whip held on his hand and the vestigial apron. Facial features are rendered in a stylised manner, with wide-opened eyes, big mouth and pinched nose.

Date: Circa 1200-1075 BC
Period: Late New Kingdom Period
Condition: Fine. Minor encrustations and signs of aging to the surface. Mounted on a custom made stand.


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Shabtis (or Ushabtis) were figurines in mummified form, which were placed in Egyptian tombs to perform any manual labour required by the deceased in the afterlife. This particular statuette is a Shabtis Overseer, responsible for coordinating the work of other ushabtis.  In the most elaborate Egyptian tombs, there were thirty-six overseer figures for the 365 worker dolls.

To find out more about Egyptian Shabtis please see our relevant blog post: How Ancient Egyptian Shabtis and Funerary Statuettes Watched over the Dead.




Weight 307 g
Dimensions L 23 x H 6.4 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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