Tang Dynasty Stone Plaque with Male Figure


An Ancient Chinese square-shaped grey stone plaque featuring the carved depiction of a frontal figure, dating from the Tang Dynasty period.  The high-relief male figure is depicted seated with one leg flexed and the other bent supporting his big belly. He has a chubby body and has one arm raised, as if supporting something, and the other resting on his knee with his hand open. Wearing a simple loincloth, he showcases a happy expression. Detailing to the body, face and his cloth is finely sculpted in the stone. This item was likely part of a larger composition of plaques. 

Date: Circa 618-906 AD
Period: Tang Dynasty
Provenance: The C. Roger Moss OBE collection. The late C. Roger Moss OBE was a renowned art collector who, throughout the years, thanks to his determination and enthusiasm, was able to create an outstanding collection of artworks, most prominently from China and the Orient, but also from other cultures. His great love for ancient cultures and study for interesting and unusual artefacts informs his collection.
Condition: Very fine, the stone is in very good condition.


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The Tang Dynasty is regarded as one of the highest points of Chinese civilization, and a golden age for cosmopolitan culture. The Dynasty lasted a little over three centuries and during that time its culture flourished giving space to literature, especially poetry, which touched very high peaks with an extremely prolific production, as well as to visual arts, which developed new expressive forms, as, for example, new styles in painting, as well as important innovations, like woodblock printing.

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Weight 2000 g
Dimensions L 15 x H 16 cm