Ceramic Statuette Of A Court Attendant

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A Chinese unglazed white clay statuette of a female court attendant. Traces of the original red and black pigments are visible on her eyes, hair, cheeks, clothes, and lips. The remnants of this paint suggest that her garb was red, and that she was depicted as wearing make up. The hair is arranged in a topknot.

Date: 618 – 908 AD
Period: Tang Dynasty, China
Condition: Fine condition; some encrustation; back part of the head chipped.

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This statuette was likely a ‘mingqi’ – a burial figurine, viewed as a sort of utensil for the afterlife, and usually depicting everyday objects and people (e.g. dancers, court attendants, and servants). The Tang Dynasty was a period of considerable expansion, marked by a greatly increased trade both within China and abroad, and ceramic wares formed an important part of that trade. An important figure in life, such as the emperor, would will all his/her retinue to accompany him/her after death, as well as on the journey into the afterlife.

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Weight 313 g
Dimensions H 30 cm

Pottery and Porcelain



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