Chinese Qing Dynasty Glazed Female Figurine


A Chinese, Qing Dynasty, hollow-moulded terracotta figure of a lady standing in attendance. She is depicted facing right, with her head turned delicately to the side. She wears an outer robe gathered around the waist with tasselled ties hanging from her waist, and a pleated skirt showcasing thick hems, which are picked out in pink. Her right arm bends at the elbow; a basket held from the crook of her arm. Her left hand is humbly clenched, projecting from the sleeve as if carrying something, possibly a fruit, giving the basket she carries. Some detailing of her facial features is still visible, including a prominent nose, mouth, eyes painted with black pupils, and her hair tied into one bun on the top of the head.

Date: Circa AD 1368–1800
Period: Ming Dynasty - Qing Dynasty
Condition: Good condition. Some fading of pigments and earthly encrustation.


The rich blue and vivid turquoise colours on these figures are reminiscent of ‘Fahua ware’ figurines and pottery. Fahua ware refers to a colour palette used for decoration, which includes deep blue, turquoise, purple, yellow, and green.

Grave goods were an important status symbol in ancient China. A large number of attendants have been found in ancient Chinese tombs, indicating the need for assistance in the afterlife. As in life, attendant figures are depicted standing nearby, waiting to fulfil the desires of the deceased.

To discover more about Chinese terracotta statuettes, please visit our relevant collection page: Ancient Tomb Attendants & Offerings.

Weight 523.9 g
Dimensions W 9 x H 24.5 cm


Pottery and Porcelain


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