Chinese Tang Dynasty ‘Fat Lady’


A beautiful example of a ceramic ‘Fat Lady’ from the Chinese Tang Dynasty. The figure stands facing forward, with a slightly inclined head and hands across her stomach. She wears long-sleeved, loose-hanging robes, and the court dress is embellished with a fine red drape, giving the figure a sense of grace and dynamism. Traces of the original pigmentation are still visible on the figure’s face, dress, and hair. The feet are beautifully adorned with sumptuous, upturned shoes. The facial features, such as the eyes, lips, nose, and eyebrows are picked out by delicate painting: the white colour of the face reflects the traditional court makeup of the time. An elaborate coiffure surmounts the face of the ‘Fat Lady’.



Date: Circa 618-906 A.D.
Period: Tang Dynasty, China
Condition: Very fine condition; some signs of ageing; earthly encrustation on the surface.


The ‘Fat Lady’ was a popular figure of the Tang dynasty, which played host to a period of enormous social, political and economic changes, and introduced a great deal of prosperity. These luxurious tastes permeated feminine body-type ideals: the new fashion preferred a more buxom figure. Whereas women had previously been encouraged to be slim and slight, the decadence and prosperity of the Dynasty led to increased personal indulgence.

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Weight 3000 g
Dimensions L 25 x W 15 x H 70 cm

Pottery and Porcelain



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