Han Dynasty Rooster Mingqi

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A nicely moulded Eastern Han Dynasty dark earthenware statuette of a cockerel, shown standing on a flaring, cylindrical base. Even in its simplicity, it is clear the artist’s intent to provide the statuette with a naturalistic appearance. Traces of the original red pigments visible to the surface, however mostly has now disappeared.

Date: Circa 25-220 AD
Period: Eastern Han Dynasty
Condition: Fine.

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Zoomorphic and anthropomorphic terracotta statuettes are known in Chinese as mingqi and were placed in tombs and graves to assist and entertain the deceased in the afterlife. Pottery images of roosters were common in ancient China, since the rooster was not only common domestic animal but also one of the zodiac signs.

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Weight 671.2 g
Dimensions W 20 x H 18.1 cm


Pottery and Porcelain


Reference: For similar: The Victoria & Albert Museum, London, item CIRC.44-1935

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