Northern Qi Dynasty Court Attendant

£ 295.00

A beautiful terracotta statuette of a Northern Qi court attendant. The attendant wears traditional court robes and a cap, and has hands clasped in front with a hole at the top for offerings, such as incense. Traces of the original pigmentation are still visible on the robe and on the face. The facial features are delicately and proportionally modelled with outlined eyes, lips, and nose.

Date: 550 - 577 AD
Period: Northern Qi Dynasty
Condition: Fine condition; signs of ageing and earthy encrustations on the surface.


There are a large number of attendants found in Northern Qi Dynasty tombs, indicative of the need for continued assistance into the afterlife. As in life, attendant figures take a standing position, waiting to fill the desires and needs of the deceased.

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Weight 677 g
Dimensions L 5 x W 6 x H 24 cm


Pottery and Porcelain


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