Tang Dynasty Court Lady in Amber Dress

£ 525.00

A beautifully rendered Tang Dynasty female court attendant, portrayed wearing the traditional Tang Dynasty court attire, known as ruqun. The dress features flaring sleeves and a long skirt, tied high to her chest, emphasizing the lady’s slender figure. The court attendant is shown standing, with the right arm held to the chest, while the left arm rests on her body. This elegant lady is presented with her hair arranged in a high bun and wearing a delicate make-up.  The original white, amber, red and brown pigments are still perfectly visible to the statuette’s surface. Such colours would have been applied after firing, with the result that they would have been more prone to flaking. In this case, however, the original colours have preserved themselves extremely fine, maintaining their original brightness.

Date: Circa 618-906 AD
Period: Tang Dynasty
Condition: Extremely fine condition, with much of the original pigments still visible to the surface.


Tang ceramic production reached its peak with terracotta moulded zoomorphic and anthropomorphic figures, known in Chinese as mingqi. Such statuettes would have been placed in Chinese graves, to assist, protect and entertain the deceased in the afterlife. Statuettes of court ladies, such as this fine example, would have been placed in the tomb to assist and entertain the deceased in the afterlife.

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Weight 338.3 g
Dimensions W 4.3 x H 19.9 cm


Pottery and Porcelain


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