Tang Dynasty Pottery Groom


An ivory-coloured terracotta figure of a groom standing in attendance. He wears long robes gathered in around the waist at the front, and protective leg-wear.


Date: Circa 7th - 9th Century AD
Period: Tang Dynasty
Condition: Fine condition; some signs of ageing and earthy incrustations on the surface.

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The Tang Dynasty was a period of considerable expansion, marked by a greatly increased trade both within China and abroad, and ceramic wares formed an important part of that trade. The are a large number of male attendants found in Tang Dynasty tombs, indicating the need to have sufficient help in the afterlife. As in life, attendant figures are depicted standing and waiting to fill the desires and needs of the deceased.

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Weight 208 g
Dimensions H 23 cm

Pottery and Porcelain



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