Tang Dynasty Terracotta Groom Figure

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An ivory-coloured terracotta figure of a groom standing in attendance. He wears long robes gathered-in around the waist at the front, showcasing the protective leg-wear. His left arm humbly hangs around his waist, whilst his right arm bends at the elbow resembling a welcoming gesture. Some detailing to his facial features is still visible, including a prominent nose, mouth and left eye. A traditional headdress, futou, rests atop his head.


Date: Circa 7th - 9th Century AD
Period: Tang Dynasty
Condition: Fine condition; some signs of ageing and earthy incrustations on the surface.

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The Tang Dynasty was a period of considerable expansion, marked by greatly increased trade both within China and abroad. Ceramic wares formed an important part of that trade. Grave goods were an important status symbol in ancient China, so the affluent and important would be accompanied in their travels through the afterlife with numerous depictions of people, items and animals. Such terracotta figures were made for the service and entertainment of the owner, ensuring that their journey in the underworld was a happy and protected one. Emphasising the large number of male attendants found in Tang Dynasty tombs, which reiterate the need to have sufficient help in the afterlife.

To discover more about Tang statuettes, please visit our relevant blog post: Terracotta Tomb Attendants.




Weight 208 g
Dimensions H 23 cm

Pottery and Porcelain



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