Tang Pottery Attendant

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A hollow-moulded cream clay terracotta figure of an attendant. The body boasts an extensive and rich mustard-coloured glaze; and the facial details retain their original black and red pigments (which are worn but visible beneath earthy encrustations).

Date: Circa 618 - 906 AD
Period: Tang Dynasty China
Condition: Fine condition.

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The Tang Dynasty was a period of considerable expansion. It was marked by greatly increased trade, both within China and abroad, and ceramic wares were an important part of this trade. An important figure in life, such as the emperor, would will all his/her retinue to accompany him/her after death, as well as on the journey into the afterlife.

To discover more about Tang statuettes, please visit our relevant blog post: Terracotta Tomb Attendants.


Weight 1000 g
Dimensions H 31.5 cm

Pottery and Porcelain




Reference: William Watson, Tang and Liao Ceramics, pp173-211, Thames and Hudson

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