Han Dynasty Male Archer Statuette


A finely moulded Han Dynasty terracotta statue of a male archer, designed with typical Han Dynasty features. The archer is portrayed wearing a long robe and with one arm outstretched to release an arrow. The original white, red and black pigments would have been applied to the figurine after firing, with the result that the paint would have been more prone to flaking.

Date: Circa 206 BC- 220 AD
Period: Han Dynasty
Condition: Extremely fine, with original pigments still visible to the surface. The piece has been TL tested at Oxford Authentication Lab.

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Grave goods were an important status symbol in ancient China, so the affluent and important would be accompanied in their travels through the afterlife with numerous depictions of people, items and animals. Such terracotta figures were made for the service and entertainment of the owner, ensuring that their journey in the underworld was a happy one. The figure is portrayed in the act of shooting an arrow; however, it is more likely that such figure would have been a dancer, imitatingthe posture participants use in archery.

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Weight 950 g
Dimensions W 21.9 x H 32.3 cm


Pottery and Porcelain


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