Roman Bronze Retiarius Gladiator Statuette


A finely detailed bronze cast figurine of a retiarius, an ancient Roman net-fighter gladiator. The gladiator is shown bare-headed and advancing left. He wears low boots, a large galerus flange neck-protector on his left shoulder and loincloth, which is held in place by a wide belt. His left hand is pierced through, and presumably would have held a weapon at one time. His features have been rendered naturalistically. He is able to stand unsupported, making him a lovely decorative item.


Date: Circa 1st Century AD
Condition: Excellent condition. Right hand missing.

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Bronze objects were widely used in every aspect of ancient Roman life: bronze figurines and statuettes were significant in official and religious spheres, for instance as votive offerings. Military figures or symbols were also popular, due to the expansion and strength of the Roman army. Testament to this is our bronze statuette of a retiarius: a gladiator wearing only a piece of tunic around the waist, in order that his speed and agility might have the edge on heavily-armoured secutors.

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Dimensions H 8.2 cm



Reference: For a similar item, see The British Museum, item number 1873,0820.53

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