Western Asiatic Chalcolithic Terracotta Female Figure


A Western Asiatic Chalcolithic terracotta seated female figure. The features have been stylistically rendered including the round sunken eyes and hooked nose. The female is in a seated position and is wearing a flared skirt from which two protruding legs are visible. Her large arms are situated by her side and are bent at the elbow. A headdress and collar have been applied. Repairs have been made to the arms, leg and collar. A small hole is visible to the reverse from the TL test.

This piece is accompanied with a positive Oxford Authentication thermoluminescence test. Please be aware, the photo on the TL test looks slightly different as it was performed before the repairs.

Date: Circa 3rd millennium BC
Condition: Fine condition, repairs to arms, leg and collar. Encrustation is visible to the surface.

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The Chalcolithic period developed between the Neolithic era and the Bronze Age covering across many geographical areas. It lasted for thousands of years and saw many changes in the economy and society. This period mainly consisted of farming communities with hunting being the most important occupation. Agriculture had started to evolve; bronze and copper had begun to be introduced as well as using stone tools. New types of figures and temples were produced to accustom the latest religious practises. Chalcolithic cultures worshiped the mother goddess along with other fertility goddesses. Many female figures, of different styles, such as this fine example, can attest to this.

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Dimensions W 7 x H 11.5 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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