Western Asiatic Stag Weight

£ 675.00

A naturalistically modelled Western Asiatic bronze weight in the shape of a stag, dated to the 1st millenium BC. The animal is portrayed reclining, with its leg folded, and features large antlers signifying that it is a male. Much attention is given towards facial and anatomical features, such as ears and nose.

Date: Circa 1st millennium BC
Provenance: Property of a North London gentleman; previously in the collection of Mr S.M., acquired in the 1970s-1990s.
Condition: Fine condition


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The use of animals as subjects in ancient art was a common practice among a number of diverse civilisations and they were represented in a variety of media, including painting pottery, jewellery and statues/statuettes. While some animals were venerated, sacrificed or domesticated, deer were often used for the hunts of royal Assyrians, and are represented in the different medias of Near Eastern art.

Weight 17.5 g
Dimensions L 2.5 x W 1.4 x H 2.4 cm



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