Western Asiatic Transjordan Statuette


A bronze figure of a standing male wearing a pleated kilt and belt, with long hair draped over his right shoulder. His left hand is raised to head-height, and his right hand supports a patera. The figure features a peg beneath the feet.

Date: Circa 6th Century BC
Period: Iron Age
Provenance: Ex Rihani family collection, acquired 1970.
Condition: Fine condition.


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‘Transjordan’ refers to the part of the Southern Levant which is east of the Jordan River, and is mostly contained in present-day Jordan. Throughout antiquity, the region of Transjordan was controlled by various powers, but during the Late Bronze Age collapse, the Amorites of Syria disappeared, which led to the destruction of the Hittites. The decline of Assyria in the late 11th century BC permitted new, semi-nomadic peoples to take control over much of Syria and Transjordan.

Weight 126 g
Dimensions H 10.5 cm



Reference: Similar item in Amman Archaeological museum, item J.14651.