Ancient Egyptian Red Glass Inlay of a Lioness


An extremely fine and rare Ancient Egyptian red glass inlay in the shape of a feline, possibly the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet, modelled in profile, recumbent. Facial features have been delicately rendered in the glass paste. The reverse appears fat and unworked.

Date: Circa 664 - 30 BC
Period: Late Period - Ptolemaic Period
Condition: Very fine, complete and intact, a few indentations across the body and rear legs.

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Glass inlays, in the shape of deities, animals, body parts and generic figures, would have been used to decorate wooden shrines, in which statuettes of gods and goddesses were housed. Such wooden shrines would have been placed in temples, and would have appeared richly inlaid with figural, hieroglyphic, and decorative glass elements

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Egyptian Mythology



Reference: For a similar item, The Metropolitan Museum, item 21.2.2e.

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