Ancient Roman Glass Beaker

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A pale blue ancient Roman glass beaker with a slightly flaring rim. The vessel features a cylindrical body that funnels gradually inwards towards the folded, flat foot ring. The colour of the glass is highly saturated at the foot, and much subtler in the thin walls of the body. Four continuous wheel cut lines decorate the body of the beaker.  Iridescence and earthly encrustations can be seen across the surfaces of the glass.

Date: Circa 1st - 4th Century AD
Condition: Good condition. Some earthly encrustation to surface.


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Roman glass objects have been recovered from domestic, industrial and funerary contexts across the expansive Empire. As in the modern day, glassware in antiquity was considered an art form, with the best pieces valued higher than wares made from precious metals. By the first century AD, the technique of glass-blowing had revolutionised the art of glass-making. The new technique allowed craftsmen to use smaller amounts of glass for each vessel and obtain much thinner walls, so enabling the creation of small medicine, incense, and perfume containers in new forms.

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Weight 73.6 g
Dimensions L 10.1 x W 5.8 cm



Reference: For a similar item: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, item 81.10.92.

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