Rare Rhenish Saxon Decorated Glass Beaker

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A rare Saxon beaker in pale green glass, from the Rhine area of Germany. The body has a spiral decorative twist to the upper section. A gentle constriction forms a waist above the narrow lower section. The base is a little irregular, with very slight inversion in the centre.

Date: Circa 6th - 7th century AD.
Condition: Very Fine condition; areas of light calcareous accretions, mainly on one side.


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Rhenish glass was produced along the Rhine from as early as the third century AD, with glass factories (probably Roman in origin) excavated in several locations, including Worms and Cologne. The glass produced by the Saxons would have enjoyed a variety of uses, from vessels to windows to jewellery: this glass beaker, however, arguably does not classify as tableware. As is typical of the period, the   base is insubstantial, making the vessel top-heavy and unstable. The suggestion, therefore, is that the vessel should be held in the hand until the drink is completed. The pale green tinge of the colourless glass can be explained by the high level of iron in its chemical composition.

Weight 44.5 g
Dimensions H 9.6 cm




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