Roman Candlestick Glass Unguentaria

A Roman glass unguentarium (known as the candlestick type) in pale green glass. The long tubular neck tapers to a folded-over wide disk rim above, and merging below into a bulbous body, standing on a flattened base with an inverted centre.

Date: Circa 2nd-3rd century AD
Condition: Very Fine, complete and intact; good glass with encrustations; some iridescence.
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One of the earliest types of blown glass vessels is this elongated bottle with a short body and a long neck. These types of flasks were used to store the costly oils and unguents which were available from around the Roman empire, and the contents of such bottles could be poured slowly in tiny drops, and the small mouth was easily stoppered.

To find out more about Roman glass please see our relevant blog post: Collecting Roman Glass.

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Reference: For similar examples see items 99-105; Ancient Glass in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

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