Roman Marbled Sand-Core Glass Selection


A selection of Roman marbled glass unguentaria in various shades. Each bottle features a long cylindrical neck leading to a piriform shaped body. The neck tapers outwards to an everted rim, folded over and slightly flattened. The base is flattened and slightly concave in the centre. INDIVIDUALLY PRICED.

Date: Circa 1st century AD
Provenance: Ex major S.M., London, Collection 1970-2010.
Condition: Excellent. Some bubbles to the glass which is consistent with the casting process.
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The following selection of glass was formed from a combination of casting and blowing and were produced in the period before the popularity of blowing began. Canes and rods of pre-formed coloured glass were arranged and fused together through re-heating. The glass was then manipulated to create unique ribbon-mosaic glass. The surface of such glasses tends to be rougher due to the nature of its creation. Each piece however is totally unique as each piece was manipulated differently.

To find out more about Roman glass, please see our relevant blog post: Ancient Roman Glass and Collecting Roman Glass.

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