Roman Two-Handled Amphora Flask


An Ancient Roman pale green glass flask in the shape of an amphora with two applied handles, extending from the rim to the shoulders. The vessel stands on a flattened foot. Incrustations and iridescences on the jug’s surface have created a lovely marbled pattern.

Date: Period: Circa 1st – 3rd Century AD
Provenance: Ex. Jon Lawton collection, London; formerly from the Rizzi collection, London.
Condition: Extremely fine, complete and intact.

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Small glass flasks, such as this example, were used in Antiquity to store oils and expensive perfumes, considered precious at the time and often used both in private life and public ceremonies. These type of vessels were probably used in funerary and burial rituals, hence their frequent occurrence in archaeological excavations of ancient cemeteries. Glass flasks were usually small in size, made to fit comfortably in one’s hand and delicate in nature. They differed slightly in their style to unguentaria which had a more practical purpose, rather than decorative.

To find out more about Roman glass please see our relevant blog post: Collecting Roman Glass.

Weight 24 g
Dimensions H 9.5 cm



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