Roman Yellow Glass Sprinkler Flask


A Roman yellow blown glass flask with a rounded body, leading to a cylindrical neck and a wide, ridged lip. Inside the flask, within the neck, there is a folded diaphragm with a constricted opening.  There is widespread iridescence across the whole vessel and some natural encrustation.

Date: Circa 2nd – 4th century AD
Condition: Very fine. Some areas of encrustation and iridescence.

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Sprinkler flasks can be identified by the small inner-disk at the bottom of the neck. This disk has one small hole to allow precious liquids to be used sparingly, and the liquid was most likely perfumed oil for beautification. A further indication that the vessel was used to contain liquids is its wide mouth, which would have facilitated the easy and careful pouring of liquids into and out of the jar.

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Dimensions H 8.8 cm



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