Roman Pale Brown Glass Jar


A fine Ancient Roman pale brown, blown glass jar featuring a flat base, a globular body, a short cylindrical neck leading to a funnel shaped, everted mouth with a folded rim. The jar displays a beautiful marbled purple-brown iridescence, with some traces of encrustations.

Date: Circa 1st-3rd Century AD
Condition: Very good condition, complete and intact.


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Glass jars, such as this fine example, were extremely popular across the Roman Empire,  used for storing an assortment of substances. Larger jars were used for storing wine or dry foods while smaller jars, much like this one, would have been used for storing cosmetics, balms, perfumes and medicines. The cosmetics would contain natural ingredients and therefore the vessels would have usually been sealed with a topper, to reduce the spoilage of the goods inside. After the introduction of glassblowing, jars were able to be manipulated into a variety of shapes and sizes, they were tailored to specific purposes such as narrow slender necks to help control the flow of liquids. Glass jars became an everyday container and were used by nearly every person in the Roman society.

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Weight 44.3 g
Dimensions W 5 x H 5.7 cm



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