Byzantine Three-Handled Glass Jug

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A rare and finely rendered Byzantine translucent pale green mould-blown glass jug featuring a hexagonal body, with hatched geometrical decorations to the sides, a short cylindrical neck and a flaring rim. Three applied handles extend from the rim to the shoulders. This beautiful vessel displays a nice mother of pearl like iridescence to the neck and shoulders.

Period: Circa 5th-8th Century AD
Condition: Fine, complete and intact with some earthly encrustations to the surface. A rare piece.

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The discovery of glass can be accredited to ancient Mesopotamia, though glass vessels did not appear until the late sixteenth century BC. This jar was made in the Byzantine Empire – glass wares were among the goods most frequently produced during this time, and followed the print of their Roman predecessors. Most of the Byzantine glass workshops were in Thessaloniki, a centre of production from the late Roman imperial period onwards.

Weight 57.2 g
Dimensions W 5.3 x H 9 cm



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