Iridescent Roman Glass Jug with Handle


A large sized Roman jug featuring a globular body and wide cylindrical neck. A wide strap handle has been applied from the rim to the deeply sloping shoulder. Further decorative details include a thick, trailed rod of glass around the neck. The jug also features a broadly flaring mouth with a plain, rounded rim. The beauty of this glass lies in the vast amount of iridescence it features.

Date: Circa 4th century AD
Provenance: Private Israel collection, SM. Israeli export license for the glass collection.
Condition: Very good. Section of trailing to the neck missing.


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The iridescence which forms on glass is caused by weathering on the surface of the vessel. How much iridescence is affected by a number of factors, including the humidity and type of soil and to an extent, the composition of the glass itself. Thin layers of weathered glass accumulate and then disperse (sometimes by flaking off) and display a refraction of light.

To find out more about Roman glass please see our relevant blog post: Collecting Roman Glass.

Weight 193.7 g
Dimensions W 8.2 x H 16.7 cm



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