Egyptian Multi-Coloured Inlay

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An Egyptian glass multi-coloured inlay with hues of purple, yellow, red, green, and a creamy purple/lilac. The stunning inlay would have been created using incredibly precise techniques and careful craftsmanship.

Date: Circa 300 BC
Period: Ptolemaic Period
Condition: Very fine condition.


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Glass inlays were created using a selection of metal oxides to colour the glass. The craftsmen were diligent and precise in their use of oxides, in order to ensure that the correct colours and shades were achieved. Archaeological evidence suggests that glass making was almost monopolized by the ruling elite. This meant that many glass inlays were owned by the Pharaohs, or were gifted to favoured officials by the royals. It appears that glass was almost regarded as a precious stone, probably due to the high level of care and attention required to make it and to form it into beautiful designs.

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Reference: For similiar designs see Groppi Lot. 69. Christie's April 2012.