Selection of Ancient Egyptian Millefiory Glass Bead Fragments


Selection of Egyptian millefiori glass bead fragments of different shapes. Both fragments feature white, yellow and red-coloured designs against a dark blue background and display beautifully vivid translucency when looked at in the light.


Date: Circa 3rd-1st Century BC
Period: Ptolemaic Period
Provenance: From the ex Gallery Mikazaki, Japan before 1984, later property of a London gentleman
Condition: Fair condition. The patterns are clear and vivid.
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Jewellery was highly important throughout all of Ancient Egyptian history, worn across social classes, and by both women and men. Bright colours and patterns were exceedingly popular, as were bold, large pieces. Beaded necklaces were especially common. These necklaces were often made from beads of all different colours, sizes, and materials, arranged artfully to create an eye-catching piece.

Millefiori technique, meaning ‘thousands of flowers’ in Italian, is one of the most ancient glasswork techniques, which can be traced back to the 1400 BC.

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Reference: For a similar item,Christie’s The Groppi Collection auction, 26 Apr 2012, Lot 78 and Christie’s Antiquities auction, 6 Dec 2017, Lot 110

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