Ancient Egyptian Fruit And Flower Amulets

Two high quality glazed Egyptian amulets, representing a grape bunch and a poppy petal. Both have loops for suspension, and their backs are unworked.

A. Blue grape bunch. Height 1.7 cm, width 0.7 cm.

B. Red poppy petal. Height 1.8 cm, width 1 cm.



Date: Circa 1550 - 1189 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period, 18th - 19th Dynasty
Condition: Excellent condition.
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The Egyptians wore amulets alongside other pieces of jewellery. They were decorative, but also served a practical purpose, being considered to bestow power and protection upon the wearer. Many of the amulets have been found inside the wrappings of mummies, as they were used to prepare the deceased for the afterlife. Poppies were commonly associated with the dead, probably in reference to Osiris, who was the god of both death and agriculture.

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Reference: Andrews, C., Amulets of Ancient Egypt

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