Ancient Egyptian Menat Amulets

A selection of three ancient Egyptian menat amulets, fashioned in various semi-precious stones. They are all pierced longitudinally for suspension.

Date: Circa 1550 – 1070 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period
Provenance: Foxwell collection, London, 1920's-1940's
Condition: Excellent. Some natural encrustation to the surface.
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The menat amulet originally held a functional position, in that it was used as a counterpoise on large and elaborate necklaces. Large examples of the amulet have been found, still attached to their chains of beads, suggesting the counterpoise would hang at the start of the spine. Their function altered over time and they became an apotropaic amulet in their own right. They were often dedicated to Hathor, who was often represented carrying a menat necklace and sistrem.

The menat has also been referred to as a m ʻnḫt (menkhet) amulet. The addition of a fringed element may be the distinguishing factor. The hieroglyphs for ‘clothing’ transliterates as mnḫt, so this may also be a play on words for the amulet.

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