Egyptian Carnelian Lotus Amulet


An Egyptian amulet carved in carnelian and modelled in the shape of a lotus flower. The amulet features a pierced horizontal hole through the top for suspension and a flat, unworked reverse. The bottom flare outwards giving the impression of a lotus petal.

Date: 1353-1336 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period
Condition: Excellent condition, complte and intact.


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Carnelian was a semi-precious stone believed to have supernatural qualities. The stone was the oldest to be mined in Egypt and regarded to have protection attributes for both the living and the dead. A carnelian Isis knot would be positioned on top of mummies to guarantee a peaceful afterlife. Carnelian amulets also maintained the stability of the bearer with healing properties. The red fiery colour was associated with rage and jealousy, the stone would be worn in the form of rings to eliminate these qualities including bad tempers and hatred. Meanwhile the colour also symbolised the warm blood of life and would be carved into heart amulets as a sign of eternal life.

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