Egyptian Faience Amulet of Isis and Horus


A turquoise faience amulet of the Egyptian goddess Isis, depicted seated upon a throne, suckling her infant son Horus. She nestles the infant god in the crook of her left arm, whilst her right is drawn up towards her breast. She wears upon her head the throne crown, the same hieroglyph that represents her name. This amulet is pierced for suspension and is heavily glazed.

Date: Circa 664–30 BC
Period: Late Period – Ptolemaic Period
Condition: Very fine.


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Isis was the quintessential figure for a caring wife and loving mother as she cradles her infant son. Typically, in such amulets, Horus would be depicted as a babe, with a lock of hair to the side. Isis was an extremely important figure within the Egyptian pantheon and her cult had extreme longevity, surviving the expansion of the Roman Empire into Egypt. She was a figure associated not just with kingship (as her role as Osiris’ consort) but also for the whole of Egypt as a protective mother-figure.

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Weight 6.4 g
Dimensions H 4.5 cm


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