Egyptian Faience Amulet of the Goddess Sekhmet

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A faience Egyptian amulet of the lion-headed goddess Sekhmet. She is depicted striding forward, with one leg in front. Her right arm hangs to her side whilst the other grasps a spectre. She wears a form-fitting dress and a tripartite wig upon her feline head. There is a suspension loop to the reverse.

Date: Circa 664 - 30 BC
Period: Late Period – Ptolemaic Period
Condition: Very fine. Repaired at the waist.


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Sekhmet was the fierce goddess of the Memphite area, forming a powerful trio with her husband, the creator-god Ptah, and their son, Nerfertum. Sekhmet was goddess of the sun and war: she symbolised the scorching heat of the sun, and brought plague and pestilence. She was seen as the fiercest of warriors, and was the protector of the pharaohs. It was said that the desert was caused by her breath alone, and she was rendered as a lion because this big cat was the bravest hunter known to the Egyptians. Perhaps this amulet, therefore, was used to evoke power and strength.

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