Egyptian Faience Pataikos Amulet


A finely modelled Egyptian faience amulet of the dwarf god Pataikos, nude, crouching with his legs apart on top of a square base, his arms rest by his side. This Pataikos amulet features a cropped hair style with a pierced loop for suspension to the back of the neck.

Date: Circa 664-332 BC
Period: Late Period
Condition: Good condition. Repair to the upper chest leading to the neck.

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The dwarf god Pataikos was believed to have been a protection deity. He was considered the son of the craftsman’s god, Ptah, and his name is presumed to originate from discussions by Herodotus. Pataikos essentially means ‘little Ptah’. Pataikos is associated with violent forces; Egyptian artwork depicts him walking over snakes and crocodiles, or grasping them in his hands, in some instances he has a scarab beetle on the top of his head. His protective and fierce qualities were believed to ward off evils that may result in injuries, illnesses or misfortune. He is also often associated and depicted with the dwarf god Bes, appearing together on amulets.

Weight 10.8 g
Dimensions W 1.9 x H 4.1 cm


Egyptian Mythology


Reference: For a similar item, The Metropolitan Museum 74.51.4462

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