Egyptian Faience Taweret Amulet


An Egyptian amulet of Taweret, goddess of childbirth and fertility, made from a pale green faience. She is depicted, as is typical, as a pregnant hippopotamus, striding forward with her arms by her side. She features the head of a hippopotamus, the limbs of what is believed to be a lion and the tail of a crocodile. The amulet features a pierced horizontal hole through the modius on top of her head.

Date: Circa 1550 – 1070 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period
Condition: Fine condition, chip on the base.


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Taweret was believed to be the goddess of childbirth and the protector of women and children. She was known as ‘The Great One’ and as both a fierce and protective deity. The animals she portrays, hippopotamus, lion and crocodile, are all ferocious but highly protective of their young. Originally Taweret was depicted as dangerous, she was linked to the Northern sky and known as the Mistress of the Horizon. The Northern sky was perceived as a cold and dangerous place giving a negative perception of Taweret.

However, by the time of the Old Kingdom, she was regarded as more of a protection deity rather than an aggressive one, she was expressed as the wet nurse of the pharaohs. The goddess was believed to help women in labour and deflect evil spirits and so many pregnant women would wear Taweret amulets to call forth her protection. According to The Book of the Dead, the goddess was bestowed with guarding the paths leading to the Underworld through the mountains and granted safe passage to those deceased. Over time Taweret became a household deity treating each person equally.

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