Egyptian Gold Fly Amulet


An extremely fine Egyptian gold amulet in the shape of a fly, modelled in repousse technique. The amulet has been pierced to the fly’s wings and features a round suspension loop to the top, indicating that the piece would have been worn as an amuletic pendant, sewed into garments or a as part of a more elaborate composition. The insect’s wings are emphasized by incised lines, recreating the fly’s wing ribs.

Date: circa 1550-1069 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period
Condition: Very fine condition.


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The symbolism related to the fly is uncertain, however ancient Egyptians wore fly-shaped amulets as a protection symbol against disease and misfortune. Interestingly, during the New Kingdom, a fly-shaped pendant called the Golden Fly (also known as the golden Fly of Valor or The Order of the golden Fly) was honoured by the pharaoh to Egyptian military for persistence and valour in battles.

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Dimensions L 0.9 x W 0.6 cm




Reference: For similar: The British Museum, London, item EA59417