Egyptian Grey Stone Scaraboid Amulet with Feather and Ankh Sign


A grey stone Egyptian scaraboid amulet with incised hieroglyphs to the reverse. The obverse features an undecorated, smooth surface while two incised horizontal bands run along the side. Carved onto the reverse are two hieroglyphs: a large feather sided by an ankh sign on its right. The amulet is pierced longitudinally for suspension.

Date: 1550-1070 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period
Provenance: Acquired 1980s-1990s. Private collection of H.N., Milton Keynes, Berkshire, UK.
Condition: Fine condition, with defined hieroglyphs. Old collector’s mark to one end.


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The feather sign is the symbol of Ma’at; the Egyptian goddess and personification of truth, harmony, law and justice. She was depicted wearing an ostrich feather, symbol of truth. She represented the principles that every Egyptian citizen was expected to follow through their daily lives. She was especially important within the afterlife and the ‘Weighing of the Heart’ ceremony, when the heart of the deceased was measured against Ma’at’s feather.

The ankh is one of the most recognisable Egyptian symbols, representing life. Depicted as a cross with a large loop, it was often held by various gods and goddesses iconographically.

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Weight 1.14 g
Dimensions L 1.4 x W 1.0 x H 0.4 cm

Egyptian Mythology



Reference: For a similar item,National Museums Liverpool, accession number 44.9.20.

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