Egyptian Hardstone Amulets

A. Mottled green-light brown greenstone menkhet amulet. The back is flat, and it has a top suspension loop. Height 2 cm, width 1.2 cm.

B. Obsidian amulet depicting a pesesh-kef. There is a suspension loop on the back. Height 1.5 cm, width 0.8 cm.

C. Green feldspar plaque with a naturalistic relief of a wadj (papyrus sceptre). The term ‘wadj’ translates to ‘green’, so these amulets were often made from green faience and green semi-precious stones. The amulet is flat-backed, with decorative suspension loop at the top. There is a little surface damage towards the base of the papyrus. Height 2.4 cm, width 1.1 cm. INDIVIDUALLY PRICED.

Date: Circa 1000 - 500 BC
Period: Third Intermediate - Late Dynastic period
Condition: Fine condition.
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Menkhet amulets are a type of funerary amulet, which seem to guarantee clothing to the deceased.

Pesesh-kef amulets were hung on the deceased at burial, to guarantee that the dead could use all their faculties in the afterlife.

Wadj amulets promised rejuvenation for the wearer after death.

To find out more about Ancient Egyptian amulets please see our relevant blog post: Egyptian Amulets and their Meanings.

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Reference: Andrews, C., Amulets of Ancient Egypt.

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