Egyptian Horus with Solar Disc Plaque Group


A group of green glazed composition elements. The central piece is the profile head of Horus in sparrowhawk form, with the solar disk resting behind his head. There is a pair of wings to each side of the head, and both show careful craftsmanship to the detailing of the feathers. The reverses of the pieces are undecorated, but they feature many small holes to allow them to be fixed onto garments.


Date: Circa 664 - 332 BC
Period: Late Period
Provenance: From an early 20th century collection.
Condition: Very fine condition; some damage due to age.


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Horus was one of the most important Egyptian deities. He was the son of the goddess, Isis, and was born after she repaired the body of her murdered husband, Osiris. Osiris was said to be the first Pharaoh of Egypt, and was murdered for his crown by his brother, Seth (though later revived by Isis, his wife and sister). Osiris and Isis went on to conceive Horus, the son who eventually avenged the murder of his father. Horus then became the sky god – he was both the sun and moon. It is said that his right eye was the sun, while the left was the moon.

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Dimensions L 4.7 cm


Egyptian Mythology



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