Egyptian Lapis Lazuli Horus Amulet

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A deep blue lapis lazuli amulet of a falcon, symbolic of the god Horus. The amulet has a carefully crafted profile, with the beak and facial details clearly visible. The bird has its wings tucked into his sides, and his tail flows down to gently rest against the rectangular base of the amulet. The talons and legs are also precisely depicted. Incredible attention to detail is evident in the incising of lines to resemble feathers along the tail feathers.

Date: Circa 664 - 30 BC
Period: Late Period – Ptolemaic Period
Provenance: Provenance: Property of a South West London gentleman; acquired by his father in the 1970s; by descent 1986.
Condition: Excellent


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The Egyptian god Horus was depicted as a falcon-headed man and the term ‘Horus’ refers usually to either two gods; Horus the Elder or Horus the Younger. Considered the most important of the avian deities, the figure of falcon-headed Horus was represented in a myriad of ways. As Horus the Younger, son of the gods Osiris and Isis, he was regarded as the protector of the ruler of Egypt. Thus, all pharaohs were considered the living embodiment of Horus. He was primarily a sky god, associated with the sun and with the moon. His frequently used symbols were the eye of Horus and the falcon.

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